I am a qualified remedial educationalist and have always worked with people: in my parent’s shop, in care for the elderly, emergency care, a hospice, in human resources, in communication, and career training. For 17 years I worked at the ING Bank as a company social worker (Linkedin Profile). I am a member of the professional organization BPSW.

I keep abreast of developments and take refresher courses in my field. In 2009 I completed a three-year training as a change expert at the Pulsar Academie. It proved to be an invaluable supplement to my way of working. It gave me a wealth of practical exercises that amplify awareness and acceptance, which I believe are the key to a rich and balanced life.

After an intensive two-year training, I was certified as a Human Givens Therapist in October 2013. The great merits of this short-term, solution-oriented, and effective counseling lies in the combination of insights derived from psychological, sociological, and biological research. Recent scientific findings in brain research, for instance, are incorporated in the methodology. This results in a holistic way of working that does justice to people in all their many facets and yields rapid results.

In June 2015 I successfully completed the Integrated Coaching course. This counseling is integrated in the (work) context of the person being coached. An integrated coach knows just when to deploy optimal intervention in the counseling path to initiate, speed up, deepen, and safeguard learning.

In April 2016 I completed the basic training as an ACT trainer/ therapist. In 2017, I also completed the advanced training in ACT. I have been styding specific courses in the field of ACT and Human Givens ever since.

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