I cannot begin to describe the impact our sessions last year have had on my view on life, which have helped me unlock my potential and I am now reaping the rewards. Of course it has taken an awful lot of hard work and stress along the way, but you laid the ground work and set my ladder in place for me to climb. I will be forever grateful for the impact you have had to help me get to where I am now.
Professional in property real estate, June 2022

I was immediately put at ease with José at the start of each session and comfortable to confide in her my problems. José observed and identified brilliantly how to guide and help nurture a positive outcome from our sessions. Although José helped steer the bus, I had to work hard to establish the direction myself. This embedded a new way of thinking to embrace my emotions, to be not be perturbed by difficult situations and nurtured a new life purpose encompassing key values I hold dear.

I could not speak highly enough of José and the difference she has made to me.

Thank you.

Senior Surveyor, 2021

José helped me gain clarity in the context of my career and related issues from the past, the present, and questions about the future.
Thanks to José’s expertise I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching. She helps you see yourself through a mirror, as it were. She does this with a mixture of questions, examples, assignments, and the Human Givens toolkit, and by finding connections.

Her warm personality certainly also contributes to the experience and ensures that you can truly be yourself. The clarity I achieved gave me confidence, confirmation of myself as a person and of my ability, and complete faith in all of this.

Credit Analyst, 2017

‘Following a protracted illness, I contacted José upon the recommendation of my company medical doctor. It was really good to talk with her while I was just reentering the work force, which was a fairly tense period for me. Our conversations opened my eyes, and gave me peace and self-confidence. Her enthusiasm inspired me. It was great to be able to speak with her about the obstacles I was running into.
When I was ill I always thought that it would be good for something, and in part thanks to what I learned from the counseling with José this actually proved to be true. We clicked from the first moment we met, and I am grateful to her for the successful coaching helping me to work again. Even after completing the counseling, I still use her tips and often think back on the useful examples/metaphors she used. A fine combination of theory, tips, and tricks to put into practice! José’s approach and help make her a true top coach!
Communication & marketing advisor, 2016

I came to know José as an extremely pleasant, enthusiastic, and positive coach. She really helped me realize my coaching goals, and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach.
Communication manager, 2014

A few conversations with José gave me greater insight into myself and how I react to others.
She gave me tools for working in an organization which, to put it mildly, has been and still is in the midst of change. I think I can say that the positive conversations with José probably averted a long-term leave.
Human Resources Assistant, 2014

In my fairly ideal work situation with many fine goals and achieved results, I nevertheless got bogged down sometimes through the profusion of impressions, deadlines, and responsibilities. The catalyst for feeling washed out turned out to be the deadlocked relationship with one of my associates. José helped me sort out the tangle and I was able to draw some very enlightening conclusions. The conversations themselves, the preparations for them, and the reflections thereafter did the job. They primarily helped me become more assertive in the various conversations with all of those people at work, and I am better able to determine what I want at those times. The broken gramophone record is a wonderful tool to help you hold on to your own goals, without immediately finding yourself in a conflict with the person you are speaking with. Anyway, progress was made in just a few meetings; well done José! And if I ever need to reconsider things, I know that her door is always open, and that is a comforting idea.
Publisher, 2015

Thanks to the open and fine conversations with José I was able to make progress with my development. I am more aware of things, and now know that I can make my own choices rather than following the rules I often impose on myself. She taught me that if you question the rules, more space can be created for flexibility. Its really about what I want and can have or do, and not what I think someone thinks I should do, or what is socially desirable, or what I learned in the past. The talks, together with the exercises, helped me to better understand and intuit what I want, creating an opening for new experiences!
Assistant Housing Association, 2016

I gradually lost myself after a protracted conflict at work,. I had almost reached the end of my emotional tether, I was exhausted, and had lost all self-confidence. I immediately felt it click already in the first conversation with José, little explanation was needed to give me insight into how I was feeling. In the following conversations I refound myself. I received exercises, which were really useful. I gained insights into how to best deal with certain situations. The talks with José were really good and goal-oriented. Every time I felt that I was getting closer to my goal. She helped me tremendously to regain my own sense of self and my strength.
Assistant Compliance, 2014

Because of panic attacks it became increasingly more difficult to function ‘ normally’. The consequence of these attacks was that I began to avoid the places they might eventually occur. In my case, these locations were chiefly places that are difficult to get out of, like standing in line to pay at a cash register. The big problem here is that your body responds so violently when you nevertheless find yourself in such a situation that it is difficult to stay calm. As a result you become anxious about the panic attacks, which only brings them on. This was the reason why I sought help, namely from José. She taught me how to control these situations better in a very short time.
Student, 2015

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