I offer short-term, individual, psycho-social counseling.
My ability to quickly get to the bottom of things means that five sessions are usually all that are needed to bring about lasting change. Two to three sessions can often be all it takes, and sometimes even just one is all it takes to be able to move on.

The sessions focus on unpacking your own, individual situation: to clarify how you experience life and figure out where you want to go. The counseling is geared to your needs, and explores how to optimalize realizing them using your own abilities and resources. Perhaps you are dealing with old patterns leading to thoughts, emotions or behaviour that no longer fosters your development or furthers your growth. In our sessions we uncover these kinds of patterns and figure out how to ‘graduate’, or move on, from them. This creates space for new healthy patterns of behaviour.

A good conversation offers instant relief. Therapy is often described as having to talk at length and delve deeply into the past; also, that one can feel even worse after the first sessions. In my view, and experience, this just is not so, and is  entirely unnecessary for making progress. The Human Givens approach is an effective, quick, and thorough way of dealing with stress.

The conversations are strictly confidential. I follow the professional code of the Dutch Association of Social Work (NVMW). Even if counseling is paid for by a third party, such as an employer, no information is shared without the client’s express consent. Naturally, I strive for the greatest possible openness and transparency.

Rates for private individuals:

Consultation: € 100 per hour (incl. VAT).
The first consultation costs € 60 per hour; the first 20 minutes are free of charge and part of becoming acquainted with one another. Should there be mutual trust, we can proceed further: the intake session can take place immediately thereafter. We can discuss the goal of the counseling and how to achieve it, and begin taking the first steps.

Rates for businesses:

Recommended fee for a consultation: € 125 per hour (ex. VAT). My rate is variable and depends on the nature and scope of the assignment.

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The Netherlands

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For additional information, please call or email me:
GSM: +31683594704