People have always interested me. Our life stories and histories. How we live, enter into relationships, work; how we make choices, think, what motivates us; how we deal with adversity, what sets us in motion, what gives meaning to our lives. How we can live with pleasure. I am fascinated by issues such as individuality, devotion, ambition, life force, resilience, meaning, and inspiration.

I also see how we sometimes temporarily lack these qualities, and loose our balance. At such times we need the help of others to get back on the desired track. Often these are individuals in our immediate circle, and sometimes a professional.

I firmly believe that people need to feel connected to themselves, to others, a task or mission, to a larger entity, in order to have a well-founded and motivated life. We fare better when we do what we are good at, what we take pleasure in, and when we are stretched.

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